The Top 7 Android Apps That Actually Pay You Money

You’re likely more accustomed to paying for things on Google Play. What if I told you that you could change the situation? There are some applications available that allow you to be compensated for simple actions like exercising, watching TV, downloading apps, etc.

Check out our top 7 Android applications in the next paragraphs to start making money right away!


The proprietors of all photos and videos have copyright protection.

You can complete various jobs with this software and receive Bitcoins in return. The duties consist of:

Ads to watch
taking polls
game playing
obtaining applications and others.

You’ll receive Satoshi (a fraction of Bitcoin) as payment for completing the activities, which you can subsequently exchange for any currency with the assistance of the following websites:

WazirX CoinBase Binance (for the users from India)


In some ways, wagbucks is similar to the previous software we discussed in that it allows you to complete particular tasks and get paid for them. You can download their “SB Answer – Surveys that Pay” app or register on their website, Swagbucks.

Examples of these tasks include:

game playing
completing survey forms
answering inquiries
observing videos
taking part in elections

You’ll receive “SB” special points in exchange for your work. For $3 to $25, they can be converted into gift cards for Starbucks, Walmart, Target, PayPal, Amazon, and other retailers.


The fantastic Android app Playment will be appealing to Indian users. You can select from a variety of tasks after signing up and get paid for completing them. You’ll need to sign in with a Facebook account to get started. In order to earn more than other users, it would also be best if you verified your phone number. The moment you register, you’ll start earning points.

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With the help of the MooCash software, you can use your smartphone or tablet to advertise products and earn money. When users unlock their phones or tablets and take advantage of an offer, the screen locker compensates them.

Users of MooCash receive unique coins in exchange for the offers, which they can then exchange for cash using PayPal or Google Reward Card. Users must watch an advertisement or download an app in order to redeem an offer.

Opinion Rewards from Google

The proprietors of all photos and videos have copyright protection.

The Google Opinion Rewards app is only accessible on devices running the Android operating system because it is a Google product and Google owns the Android operating system.

You’ll receive 20 to 30 surveys per week after installing the app, which you must complete. It’s your responsibility to offer commentary and write product reviews on various items. Per survey, you can earn rewards worth anything from 0.1 cents to $2. The fact that this service is provided by Google is a plus because it means you won’t need to worry about the security of your account, which can be the case with other apps.

You will receive Google Play reward points for your labor, not cash, it should be noted. The points can be redeemed for Google Play apps, books, music, and other items.


You should already be aware of this from our list, but we’ll still mention it: these days, all you need to make money is a phone. Here’s another illustration of that: the Scoopshot app. Every time something happens in your neighborhood, the app will compensate users for shooting images with money. Later, some bloggers or journalists may use your photographs on a larger scale.

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This concept appears great, but the key is to always be ready to function as a journalist because anything interesting can happen to you at any time. Click on this link to download Scoopshot.


If someone had just given you money for working out, staying healthy would have been so much simpler, right? What a shame that it can’t be done. But is it?

We’d like to introduce Pact, a fantastic workout app. It’s accessible on both iOS and Android. It works like this: You set health-related goals depending on your capabilities, and when you accomplish those goals, you get paid. What’s the catch, I hear you ask? You will lose some money, and it will be paid to more successful users if you do not accomplish what you have set out to do.

Download Pact and test your willpower if you’re confident that you can meet your own fitness goals.