Quick Pix – App to Make Money Watching Videos Via Pix

The newest application of today “Pix Fácil” is an app to earn money watching videos via pix but in addition to this way of earning money via pix, you also have other ways, such as: Earn money by playing games, spinning roulette, completing tasks and offers, among other amazing things.

To start earning 1,000.00 coins right at the beginning of the app after downloading it, Use the Special Code: 8BYLVQP, for that click on the last page and look for “Code”, now just enter the code: 8BYLVQP in the blank field and click on “redeem code” below to start earning a thousand free coins in the app.

Once downloaded and opened, right on the home screen of the Pix Rapid application, we can already see several forms of extra income with the cell phone, click on “Videos” and on the next screen on “Watch Video” to earn money watching short videos.

As the app itself says, you’ll earn 60 coins by watching a 30-second video. You can watch up to 10 videos per day, so I strongly suggest you explore this region to the fullest every day

Going back to the home screen and clicking on “Roulette” and on the next page on “Spin Roulette” you can earn money by spinning roulette, the roulette wheel is numbered with 3 numbers 20 and 3 numbers 10, if it stops at number 20 you will win 20 coins and the same goes for the other number.

If sometimes a small ad appears on your screen after you have clicked on “spin roulette” it is important that you wait for the ad until the end and then close it, do not worry because you will be rewarded for the video watched !

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Still on the home screen, click on the ′′ Games ′′ option to earn money on the pix by playing games, basically in this option you need to choose a little game that you find most fun, done that just click on the ′′ play now ′′ button. which is just below it, now install the game but don’t open it yet.

After installing the game, go back to the Rapid Pix application and click on the option next to the recommendations that has the name of “your applications,” after doing so, open the installed game in that option.

It’s important that you always open the app installed inside the quick pix app, if you don’t do this you run a serious risk of your coins not being counted.

Select the way to earn money with quick offers that is right on the home screen, to complete some simple offers and thus be making a good extra income with your cell phone.

On the next screen, click next to the task that needs to be completed. Once this is done, it is extremely important that you read very carefully what you are being asked to do, for your task to be successful.

After you already understand what you need to do to earn the amount of coins shown next to the task you selected, just click on the “go to” button that is just below your step by step above.

This is a way to earn money on the pix that needs to be explored every day because it pays a lot of coins for each completed task or offer, never stop doing it, however complicated it may seem, it pays a lot more money.

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With the Quick Pix app, in addition to all these ways to earn quick money shown above, you can also earn money automatically in a simple and practical way.

To do this, just click on the fourth page of the application, on this page you will be able to earn an amount of coins, which is very high by the way, for each friend or family member that you manage to invite.

In case you don’t know anyone to be inviting to the Pix Fast app, feel ashamed or something like that, at the end of this article I’ll leave the link to a telegram group with more than 4 thousand people, just copy your referral link together with the link to download the Pix Fast app and join the group and paste it inside that by doing this you will be earning 20% ​​of all guest earnings on offers.

To make your withdrawal click on page 3, which by the way has a shopping cart in bold, after that select the desired amount to withdraw taking into account the amount you have to exchange for money.

After you have selected the desired withdrawal amount, if you have chosen to withdraw via pix to any bank account on the next screen, the app creators will ask for your personal information such as: CPF, NAME AND PIX KEY.

In turn, if you request your withdrawal via paypal, on the next page it will most likely just ask for your paypal email but of course always read what is being asked to be done so there are no mistakes.

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As you can see above, the Pix Fast app is one of the best apps to earn money watching videos via pix, in addition to having a low minimum withdrawal which allows its users to be able to make withdrawals more easily, it also has tasks to perform that pay absurdly after completion.