MagaCash – App to Make Money Spinning Roulette

The MagaCash Application allows you to earn money by spinning roulette as mentioned in the title above but that’s not all, with it you can also make a good extra income with your cell phone by watching videos, completing tasks and offers, downloading and playing games, among other different ways to earn money on pix.

It is important that right after you install and open the application, you click on the top right corner, where there is a “Login” message to collect some free coins and thus start the MagaCash app with an account balance.

Every day that you are logging into this application click on this same tab to be collecting your daily groat coins, to collect them just click on “Take +10”, normally you will receive 10 free points per day.

It is worth remembering that to download this application, just click on the message “DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE” at the end of this article.

Now that you’ve installed the app and opened it, on the home screen you can already see that it has some ways to earn money on the pix, to start click on the message “Rodar & Ganhar” to start earning money spinning roulette.

After opening, click on “Go” for the roulette wheel to start spinning and wait for it to stop, once this is done depending on what you win you will be asked to do something, such as scratching a card to see exactly what you won, or you simply earn points to exchange for real money.

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Going back to the home screen and clicking on “Receive R$100 for free” select one of the cards and then click on “RECEBER MAIS” to double your winnings, in this part you will also be able to withdraw money by spinning roulette.

To start, click in the middle of the roulette wheel and wait for it to stop, this roulette wheel is different from the other and you can earn money instead of points that you can later exchange for real money. With this roulette wheel you can win up to 30 reais.

Still on the MagaCash app’s home screen, you can earn money by completing some tasks and offers from banks, apps, websites, among other things… offer completed.

Always read what is being asked to do in that particular task or offer before clicking to complete it so there are no errors when receiving your coins or requesting your withdrawal.

By clicking on “Invite” on the third page, you will be able to earn money automatically, basically on this tab you will be able to earn a very high amount of coins for each invited friend or family member.

If you don’t know anyone to be inviting, be ashamed or something like that, at the end of this article I’ll leave the link to a group on telegram with more than 4 thousand people, just copy your referral link, join the group and paste your link inside that people will automatically be entering through your link and you will be earning several coins in a totally autonomous way.

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To start earning money by watching short videos, click on the second page in “Activity” and select the option of extra income by watching, after doing so, a short video will open for you to watch, just wait for it to finish until the end and close it. your coins will be counted.

It is extremely important that you always wait for the video to finish completely before closing, otherwise you run a serious risk of your coins not being counted, do not close before the video ends so as not to stop making money.

By clicking on “Me” on the last page, you can see your amount of coins along with your balance and the option to request your withdrawal, in addition, you can enter the settings, contact support via telegram, you can see how the app works, among other things…

To request your withdrawal click on “Withdraw” and then select the pix option, after that click on the desired amount to withdraw taking into account the amount of coins you have to exchange for real money, knowing that just click on “Withdraw” and fill in your personal information on the next screen such as: CPF, NAME, KEY PIX AND ETC.

Before requesting your first withdrawal it is important that you read the withdrawal description of this app, for that in withdrawal just slide the screen to the end to be able to read the information before withdrawing.

The MagaCash application has a minimum withdrawal of R$5 and this is very important for its users because it allows all of them to be able to make more withdrawals than usual compared to other applications for extra income, in addition it pays very well in coins for each task performed, just the option to earn money by completing tasks and offers for example, you can already earn fast money.

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In the article above I proved to you that it is possible to earn quick money on the pix with the MagaCash app and to prove it to you definitively I made a complete video and step by step teaching you how to use it correctly to make a good extra income with the cell phone, to watch the full video click on the link below.