Lemon Reading – Fast Paying App on Paypal New App to Make Money

With the newest application of the moment Lemon Reading, in addition to being able to earn money by reading books, it is also possible to make a good extra income with your cell phone by doing some simple daily tasks, in addition to being able to earn money by watching videos and much more… 

Remembering that this application is one of the best today because you don’t need to be inviting friends to be inviting a good amount of coins, just reading it you can earn money fast.

Right after you have downloaded and opened the application click on “Bonus” to be collecting some free points, it is important that every day you are logging into the app you remember to click on this page to be collecting your daily check-in.

On the Lemon Reading application’s initial screen,  we can already see several books to be choosing, clicking and reading, as you slide the screen to the left side the app understands that you are reading the book and you start from there to earn an amount of points for each book you are reading, so later you can exchange these earned points for real money.

It is worth remembering that from time to time an ad will appear on the screen, wait for it to finish until the end and only after that close it, do not worry because the coins of the videos that appear will also be counted if you do not close before completion.

The cool thing about this app is that by clicking on the second page in “bookstore” you can access other types of books, you can choose the book that suits you best, such as romance, action, fiction, among others…

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Going back to the “Bonus” page, click next to “Ad Videos” in “Watch Ads” to earn money watching short videos, after clicking on this option a video will open for you instantly, close it only after its conclusion. If you close the video before completing it completely, you run a serious risk of your points not being counted.

Remembering that you can watch 15 video ads per day, so every day that you are entering the  Lemon Reading app,  I recommend that you explore the application to the fullest so that you are not failing to earn money in dollars.

In addition to this way of making quick money, if you slide the screen down a little further, you will come across the option to earn money by completing tasks, just click on “receive” next to them if the button is available to click.

Always read what is being asked to do in the task, if you haven’t done it yet it will redirect you to the page you need to complete to receive your balance.

To be making money automatically with the newest application of the moment Lemon Reading click on “invite,” on this page you will be able to earn money by inviting some friends and family into the app, the more you manage to invite the more money you will earn .

If you don’t know anyone to be inviting, be ashamed or something like that, at the end of this article I’ll leave the link to a group on telegram with more than 4 thousand people, just copy your referral link, join the group and put your link there that by doing this several people will be entering for you and you will be earning much more money.

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To request your withdrawal, go back to the “Bonus” page and click on “withdrawal” just above, by doing this you will see the minimum withdrawal of the application, which is only $ 1 dollar, with this application you can only withdraw to a paypal account being so if you don’t have it, it’s important that you create it.

Just select the desired amount for withdrawal taking into account the amount of points you have to exchange for real money, on the next screen you will be asked for information such as: your Paypal account email and maybe your CPF. Usually they only ask for the paypal account E-mail but that can change, just fill in what is requested and that’s it!

With the Lemon Reading application you can make a good extra income with your cell phone quickly and easily, what fills our eyes in this application is that with it you can earn money in dollars and that is very useful.