CoinTube Earn Effortlessly – Get Paid for Every Video!! New App to Make Money Fast 2022

The newest and most complete Coin Tube application, in addition to making money by watching videos, you can also earn money by playing games, spinning roulette, doing missions, among other things.

After you have downloaded and opened the application to start earning 8 thousand coins Use the Code: 70495106 , to do this click on “Missions” after that just scroll down to the end and click on “Fill in the invitation ID”.

Now that you already know how to start earning 8 thousand coins as a beginner in this application, it is important to remember that every day that you are logging into the app you click on “missions” after that on “Daily check-in” to be collecting some coins free daily and thus be increasing your earnings much more.

Going back to the home screen at “home” we managed to earn money watching videos, for that you just have to wait for a video to end and scroll down from your cell phone to the other, while you are watching keep paying attention to the little gift next to it, when it fills up to the final click on it, so you will be earning some coins.

It’s worth remembering that it’s good that you click on the floating coins that keep appearing on your screen, this is a way to increase your coins quickly.

By clicking on the roulette wheel in the upper left corner, we can earn money by spinning the roulette wheel, for that, click on “Go”, in addition to winning coins, you also compete for a surprise box and also for diamonds. It is extremely important that you click on “rules” and read them to avoid errors when receiving your coins or requesting your withdrawal.

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Just below the roulette wheel on the home screen we have the “super slots” where you basically compete for the same things as roulette, you have 10 chances a day just like in roulette.

On the right side in the upper corner we have a die, click on it to earn money playing, to start the game click on “start”. This is a very simple game, just throw the dice, and try to reach the end of the trail, on the way you will earn different things like coins and gifts.

By clicking on “Missions” you have the chance to be running for R$40 reais by clicking on “collect luck and earn money”, normally they give you 3 chances a day, so whenever you enter the app remember to click there and try .

Just further down in “Missions” we have 0 of 8 videos to be watching per day and so you are being rewarded for that, it is important that you explore the entire app to be collecting enough coins and diamonds, as this app has several ways of earning .

To earn money with scratchcards click on “scratch the card”, the creators of the app give you 15 cards to be scratched per day so far.

To win money by drawing click on “Go to draw”, you have 15 times a day just like scratch cards. It’s great that you pay attention to this opportunity because it pays a lot of coins without inviting any friends.

Already in “Monopoly” to start click on “try” you can earn money playing 20 times a day, so whenever you are entering the application click there to be earning money playing.

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To be earning much more coins than usual within this app, you need to invite some friends or family…

If you don’t know anyone to be inviting, be ashamed or something like that, at the end of the article I’ll leave a link to a group on telegram with more than 4,000 people, just copy your referral link along with your invitation code and paste it there within the group, people will automatically be joining your link and you will be earning 10,000 coins per person invited.

By clicking on “My” you can see our amount of money in Reais, coins and our amount of diamonds. In addition, we can see “coin details”, friends invited by you, details about your diamonds, customer service (where you can chat with the app creators) and language settings.

To request your withdrawal via pix within this application, click on “withdrawal” still on “my”, right after that choose the option via pix and choose the desired amount taking into account the amount of coins you have to exchange. 

Once this is done, click on the desired amount and then confirm withdrawal, it is important that you read the withdrawal rules before requesting your withdrawal, so that there are no errors when requesting your withdrawal.