Cash Giraffe Play and Win Big Cash – Paid to Play App

With the newest Cash Giraffe app you can earn money in no time by downloading and playing some games, the best thing is that it pays you to stay inside the app, so you don’t need to know how to play the game, just leave the game open and earn money on automatic.

Right after you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be faced with the initial screen where you can already make your first coins by downloading and playing the games. 

Click on “Start playing” to start, after that install the game application they are asking for and after it is installed do not click on open yet… Go back inside the  Cash Giraffe app and click on “start playing” in the same app that you just downloaded, now click on open.

You will need to spend a certain amount of time in each game, so it is important that you read it before installing it, normally you initially need to spend 60 seconds inside the application, and this time increases over time.

After you have stayed the requested time you will receive some coins that you can later exchange for real money. 

It is worth remembering that when the creators of the  Cash Giraffe application ask you to stay for an absurd amount of time within that particular app that you ended up downloading, I advise you to uninstall it and download another one and, if necessary, do the same thing if they ask you to stay too long. time inside the app.

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By clicking on “Profile” we have the option of inviting some friends or family members into the app and thus accumulating a lot of coins. 

In case you don’t have anyone to invite at the end of the article, I’ll leave the link to a group on telegram with more than 4 THOUSAND people, just copy your link by clicking on the “+” and paste it in there, people will automatically be entering your link.

Before inviting people using your referral link, I advise you to read the benefits first, so that there are no doubts in the future.

Click on “My..” to see all the apps you’ve downloaded and what’s left to complete them and thus receive your coins, if you don’t understand English like I do, put what they wrote in the google translator and translate it from English to the Portuguese.

To make your withdrawal in this application click on “Transfer” after that choose the desired amount taking into account how many coins to exchange you have, now just put your paypal email and wait for the payment.

Payment usually lands in your bank account within 7 working days, so be patient and play even more to withdraw much more in this app.